Saturday, July 26, 2008

Don't Send Mixed Messages

Sneak Insider Report - Overheard in our offices at Early to Rise this week...

Actual interview for a Customer Service Telephone Representative position!

Consider this the new Poster Child for how not to interview and how to send the wrong message...

ETR: Hi, thanks for coming. So first of all, tell me… why are you leaving your current job?

Applicant: The calls, they are so stressful.

ETR: What do you find stressful about them?

Applicant: There are so many. And the people, they're all unhappy.

As Miami Herald writer and author Dave Barry sometimes says, "I swear this is true."

Talk about sending the WRONG message.

Words do matter.
Make sure you're sending the right message about yourself...
your products...
and your company.

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