Friday, April 10, 2009

A Fun Little "Rock N Roll" Marketing Quiz

Is it slightly deceptive? Clever? Or just a run-of-the-mill marketing "trick"?

I took this photo about 2 months ago outside my favorite local music hall, City Limits, in Delray Beach, Florida.

You'll notice 7 separate posters, each for an upcoming concert.

But you may NOT notice a subtle but important difference that separates about 3 of them from the other 4.

Can you detect what it is?
And the copywriting/ marketing/ advertising idea behind it?
(HINT: It is not "graphics" related and it's not in "fine print").

There's no huge breakthrough tipping point idea here - it's just a fun little exercise...

Post your answer in the comments section below and I'll announce the "winners" later.


Cheri Mullins said...

Three of them use a script/handwriting font style. Likely in an attempt to make them seem more approachable or friendlier.

Hugh said...

My first take is that three are logo/animation and four are people centric. I hypothesize that faces are good.

Hugh J'Ordeal

Charlie Byrne said...

Two interesting ideas from Cheri and Hugh. But not quite the answer I'm "looking for". Keep looking...

Sue said...

Is it that three of them are light?

James Tucker said...

Three of them show photographs of the artists. The other four show only graphics. That makes the three with photos more approachable.

Anil said...

4 of the posters emphasize the days of the week for the events. Days of the week, specifically Friday helps draw a bigger and possibly more diverse crowd.

Tom said...

Anil got in before me, but I'm of the same opinion.

The day of the event is mentioned in 3 of them e.g. "Friday, February 20" not just "February 20"

It's more specific and tangible.



Charlie Byrne said...

OK Tom and Anil are so close I'm going to call you both the winners.

Here's my take on the posters: If the concert is on a weeknight (undesirable generally speaking), the day of week (Tuesday etc) is NOT shown, only the date (Feb 12).

If it's on a weekend (Fri or Sat) that is explicitly shown.

So I would say the "principle" behind this is "don't reveal your flaws in your headline".

If I see a show I like and it says Feb 12, I'm probably mentally just focusing on how I want to see the show. And desire is building. But if I see "Tuesday Feb 12" I immediately start thinking about how I've got to work late that day, get up early the next morning, etc etc and the core emotion never gets a chance to take hold.

So I'm guessing the concert promoter/artist did this on purpose. I suppose I should ask them to confirm if "my explanation" is actually correct!

Thanks everyone for "playing". If you see any of your own possible "Name that Copywriting Mystery" photos around, snap a photo and let me know.

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