Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday "Mango Marketing Lesson" Contest

Take a walk around Delray Beach, Florida right now and there's one thing that's hard not to notice.


We've got trees almost everywhere... in front of houses, in vacant lots, along side streets as well as main roads.

And this time of year the lucious, juicy fruit is ripe and ready for eating.

Which brings us to today's "Mango Marketing" contest...

Take a look at the photo of a couple of trees I walked past this morning.

This is from what is essentially a vacant lot, at ground level, on a popular street.

Notice anything "odd"?

There's a marketing prinicipal on display here. See if you can guess what it is.

The winner will be awarded...

Well, how about some mangos? (Shipping not included) :-)

BIG HINT: I could have posted 50 more photos just like these.


Irwin Consulting/Design said...


Why is no one eating the mango's?Mmmmmm, mango chutney! Bet they'll buy em at the market. Box them all up and start shipping to markets that don't carry them! Like me!

Charlie Byrne said...

OK well the answer is going to appear in a full marketing article in Early to Rise on Monday.

tigerjim48 said...

You're one of the funniest people I have read in a long, long time. I've been all over your website and bookmarked several pages.

You truly are a very funny human being!

I used to live in Winston-Salem, so I know what the folks around there are like--and you've nailed them!

Darlin', if I was half as funny as you are, I'd be doing 8 shows a week in Vegas and tooling around in a Bentley.

I'll be watching every post from now on (don't get nervous, I'm not THAT kind of stalker), and look forward to each one more than my morning coffee!

Soon as I get my blog going, I'm steal a LOT of your stuff (with attribution of course) and have jillions of visitors and links. (You could too if you would just get out of this network, go on your own, and spend a dollar two fifty for advertising!)

If you have ever been a nurse in W-S or Greensboro, please let me know at jimkirk at charter dot net. We may have met!

Honey chile, you're the funniest thing I've found on the net in years! Please keep up the good (no GREAT) work.


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