Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Can I Bring You Along With Me to SXSW?

OKAY... here’s a list of just SOME of the very interesting-looking sessions and/or speakers (I’ll bet you recognize at least a few of these).

What question would YOU like me to ask one of these presenters if I get the chance?

Maybe I can get the latest inside stuff from folks at Flickr, Yahoo, Google, Twitter, Facebook and others.

Let me know what ONE question you would ask - and I’ll see if I can get you an answer… It's next best thing to being there. (But sorry, I can't send you that Texas BBQ or great Austin Mexican food I'm hearing about).

Check it out...

Micah Alpern, Yahoo! Inc
A/B Testing: Design Friend or Foe?

David Altounian, iTaggit
Following the Lifecycle of an Idea

Simon Batistoni, Flickr/Yahoo! Inc
Taking Over the World: the Flickr Way

Jim Benton, AdBrite Inc
Online Advertising for Newbies

Rohit Bhargava, Ogilvy
Core Conversation: 10 Easy Ways To Piss Off A Blogger (And Other Mistakes Marketers Make)

Michael Buffington, Grockit Inc
Worst Website Ever: That's So Crazy, It Just Might Work

Daniel Burka, Digg/Pownce
Social Design Strategies

Stuart Candy, Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies
Futurists' Sandbox: Scenarios for Social Technologies in 2025

Alan Citron, TMZ

Peter Cole, AKQA Inc
Creating Findable Rich Media Content

Adam Conner, Facebook Inc
Friend Me! Vote for Me! Donate Now!

Blaine Cook, Twitter Inc
Scalability Boot Camp

Henry Copeland, Blogads.com
The Suxorz: The Worst Ten Social Media Ad Campaigns of 2007

Christian Crumlish, Yahoo! Inc
Online Identity: And I *Do* Give a Damn About My Bad Reputation

Jeff Eaton, Lullabot
Content Management System Roundup

Michael Eisner, Tornante LLC
A Conversation with: Michael Eisner

Matthew Esber, NCSoft Corporation
Following the Lifecycle of an Idea

Tim Ferriss, www.fourhourworkweek.com
The Art of Speed: Conversations With Monster Makers

Jason Fried, 37signals
10 Things We've Learned at 37signals

Steve Ganz, LinkedIn
Social Networking and Your Brand

Seth Goldstein, Socialmedia Networks
Peas in a Pod: Advertising, Monetization and Social Media

Will Graham, The Onion (Onion News Network)
Behind the Scenes at the Onion News Network

Janet Greenlee, Fleishman-Hillard
Just Over 50 and Not Dead Yet

Quentin Hardy, Forbes
Managing the Media Blur

Eric Hellweg, Harvard Business Online
The Care and Feeding of Your Startup

Chris Heuer, The Conversation Group
Self Replicating Awesomeness: The Marketing of No Marketing

Tony Hsieh, Zappos.com
Top Ten Lessons Learned in E-Commerce

Guy Kawasaki, Garage Technology Ventures
True Stories from Social Media Sites

Tim Kendall, Facebook
Peas in a Pod: Advertising, Monetization and Social Media

Gary Leland, Podcast Pickle
Core Conversation: Marketing to Real People in Second Life

Ynema Mangum, BMC Software Inc
Social Marketing Strategies Metrics, Where Are They?

Simeon Margolis, Utterz
Scoop the Story on Your Blog

Brian McConnell, Worldwide Lexicon
Lost in Translation? Top Website Internationalization Lessons

Thomas Myer, Triple Dog Dare Media
Lead Generation on the Web

Denise Shiffman, Venture Essentials
The Age of Engage: Reinventing Marketing for Today's Connected, Collaborative, and Hyperinteractive Culture

Jeffrey Veen, Google
The Elephant in a Creative Designer's Living Room

OK So which industry hot-shot should I grill with YOUR question???

Let me know what (and who) you want to ask, by clicking the "Post a Comment" or "x comments" link below...


Brent said...

Wow, I am SO jealous. I didn't find out about SXSW until it was too late. I can't wait to read about your takeaways.

I am such a novice at social marketing that I am sure my questions would seem silly, but asking for input from everyone is a GREAT idea.

By the way, what a great resource list in your blog post for someone like me who is just getting their feet wet. Thanks for sharing that!

Sarah Bird said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Charlie!

I'm not at SXSW because I was at SMXWest last week. Based on your list of speakers, I'm very sorry that I'm not going to make it.

I would love love love to meet the guy behind The Onion! Now that's news I never miss!

Hope to see you at future conferences.

SoCalRunning.com said...
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SoCalRunning.com said...

would love to go to that conference also. But after hanging out with web 2.0 master Gary Vaynerchuck last week in Orlando, I realize that I have a lot of work to do in this media.

I am glad that you started a blog, I have an active running blog but am no starting a copywriting/marketing blog.

So my question is...

"Is it worthwhile to even write copy anymore? Can you get your message out...and sell product using video alone?"

Gary Smith

Blair Morse said...

Well, I'm struggling for a question this morning, but I'd be very interested in hearing what the guy from Forbes had to say in the "Managing the Media Blur"... as an old newspaper guy myself, i'd be interested to know maybe something about how hard it may be in the future to differentiate between what's accurate and what's not in the internet media... It seems to me there isn' t the same burden of proof on the writer... The journalistic principles and codes go down the drain because anyone can anonymously report anything without backing it up with proof and facts...

So, something along those lines would definitely interest me

K. Lorraine Graham said...

Hi Charlie,

Yes, welcome to the blogosphere. I prefer to call it "blogland," but no one else seems to ; )

I'd be curious to talk to anyone from Facebook, a tool that I've used to actively promote my blog and my writing. However, I find that the endless social networking and promotion in many online networking tools is a bit mind-numbing, and people seem increasingly desensitized to them. It's hard to judge the quality of a new discussion group or plug-in, and so people end up not reading half of their notifications, etc--a problem that I suspect also occurs with email marketing.

So, that's kind of a long question. Let me try to make it shorter. How can we take advantage of the way that social networks maximize interaction while at the same time numbing people to it?

I suppose that would be a good question for both the folks on the Social Design panel as well as Adam Conner.