Sunday, March 9, 2008

From Good to Great - LL Bean Does it Again

Good companies live up to their customer's expectations...

Great companies exceed them.

And sometimes the difference is just a nice little surprise. Take, for example one of my favorites, LL Bean. They surprised me again just this morning.

I take their Nightfinder II Travel Alarm Clock on the road with me. For $19 it's worth having a FAMILIAR alarm of my own instead of fumbling with hotel contraptions.

So I wake up this morning and my hotel alarm clock and the one on the microwave in the kitchenette both say 5:37.


Daylight saving time started Saturday night and it was actually now 6:37.
And what, somehow, did the LL Bean clock say? 6:37 of course.

Again this was just a little thing... but when I saw that correct time I thought to myself
"Wow, LL Bean - there they go again."

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