Friday, March 7, 2008

Some Leading Edge Social Time Management Tools

There are some very nice new tools out there for coordinating your time/schedule at busy (aka multi-track) conferences.

Just got out of an opening roundtable at SXSW featuring an "Internet Star" lineup...

* Tim Ferriss (Four Hour Work Week)

* Ian Lloyd ( - Web accessability tools)

* Rannie Turnigan ( )

* Jason Toney (Disney Online Developer )

* Matt Mullenneg (WordPress founder) @

* And the entertaining "Internet bon vivant" Min Jung Kim (
Some of the cool new things they mentioned...
Every complex multitrack event going forward should have a nice online feature like this: Go ahead a play around with it even if you're not at the conference!

Mobile social software Dodgeball ( can also come in handy as a sort of less annoying and more managable Twitter if you're trying to stay in touch with a group of friends or colleagues in a particular major US city.

Sending an “@ location” message (where the location is a restaurant, venue, bar, etc) to Dodgeball will forward your current location to your entire list. If your friend doesn't know where that place is, he can ask the system “location?” and it will ping the person back with an address.

Ian Lloyd produced an interesting site just for the event - it's a list of the"fun social events" - using an upcoming technology called Microformats - which cutting edge SEO folks and bloggers might want to keep an eye on.

Techies may want to do View Source on the html.

More from Austin tomorrow. It's Friday evening and time for some serious BBQ.

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